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Org mode Export to PDF

2023-01-15 01:53 -0600 CST

Org mode Export to PDF   ATTACH

I use org-mode to document many things, but many are for my future self. Recently, a need to share my document(s) with others. The org-mode file contained a few headings with notes, some images, and a table of information. While experimenting with exporting the org-mode file to PDF I found the following helpful.

Depending on the size of the org-mode file, you may want the table of contents (toc). Add #+OPTIONS: toc:t to the top of your org-mode file. But if you do not want the table of contents add this #+OPTIONS: toc:nil to the top of your org-mode file. To learn more about this org-mode table of contents go here 1.

Learning about exporting images from an org-mode file was interesting. If you use org-insert-link 2 to link to an image file and add a description. The resulting exported file will contain a link to an image instead of displaying the image. There are two options to get an image to display in org-mode exports. The first is to use org-insert-link and insert a link to an image file without a description. The second option is to insert a link like [[./an/image-file.png/]].

Note: You will need pdf2latex program to be able to export a PDF from an org file.

Update on 2023-02-02 for Arch Linux you need to install textlive-core and textlive-latexextra and it seems like similar packages on Ubuntu. So you mind need to do some research for your specific operating system.

Here is an example org file and here is an example pdf file exported from the example org file.


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Hello World

2023-01-13 10:21 -0600 CST

This is an awesome new blog from Johnny Five Is Alive!

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