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15 Jan 2023

Org mode Export to PDF

Org mode Export to PDF   ATTACH

I use org-mode to document many things, but many are for my future self. Recently, a need to share my document(s) with others. The org-mode file contained a few headings with notes, some images, and a table of information. While experimenting with exporting the org-mode file to PDF I found the following helpful.

Depending on the size of the org-mode file, you may want the table of contents (toc). Add #+OPTIONS: toc:t to the top of your org-mode file. But if you do not want the table of contents add this #+OPTIONS: toc:nil to the top of your org-mode file. To learn more about this org-mode table of contents go here 1.

Learning about exporting images from an org-mode file was interesting. If you use org-insert-link 2 to link to an image file and add a description. The resulting exported file will contain a link to an image instead of displaying the image. There are two options to get an image to display in org-mode exports. The first is to use org-insert-link and insert a link to an image file without a description. The second option is to insert a link like [[./an/image-file.png/]].

Note: You will need pdf2latex program to be able to export a PDF from an org file.

Here is an example org file and here is an example pdf file exported from the example org file.


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